Print Shop Owned & Operated by Artist Sara Becker. Located within Hidden Fortress Studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Give the gyst of your project and I’ll get back to you via email. What kind of apparel are you thinking? Ink color(s)? How many do ya want?

1-Color Printing

Pillow Princess Productions

1 color printing on a white garment is a tried and true affordable option with great results

1 Color - White on Black

Max Black - Band Merch

Crispy detailed artwork on black Fruit of the Loom tees

2-Color Totes

Artist Greg Dyson

Beautiful print with a masterful use of the tan color and woven texture of the fabric showing through.

2-Color on Black Tees

Hooky - Band Merch

Vibrant red and blue on black tees using a white underbase for this local lo-fi duo. Artwork designed by Artists Justin Edmonds and Jim Turner

3-Color Printing

Rally Point - Band Merch

Modified the band's 6 color design to create this affordable 3 screen, 4 color gem on white tees. By mixing a transparent base into the yellow ink, the red shows through and creates orange in selected spots. Don’t hesitate to ask if you’d like to use this technique for your project!

4-Color Printing

Nolan srock - artist

Nolan requested a 4 color design with a custom placement along the bottom hem.